Welcome to C-LinQ – where words and reality connect in any imaginable way.

C-LinQ or Communication Link: we connect between people, ideas and words.
Pronounced as ceiling, it points at creativity slots between earth and sky.

An idea will be come reality if everyone digs the plan and the corresponding role.
C-LinQ translsates from reality to words & back, so that it’s beyond just paper.
C-LinQ looks for workable solutions, high involvement and a broad basis.
C-LinQ transforms debates and discussions into dialogue => more winners.
C-LinQ trains people in organisations to deal better with reality, to focus communication, to reach goals and to have more time for creativity.
C-LinQ literally translates between languages and bridges thinking gaps.

Bring your creativity or also your frustration. We wake dreams and set energy free.
C-LinQ works for private people, foundations/associations, companies, institutions and government(s).

Questions? Ideas? Don’t hesitate, go to the contact page, phrase it simply and press send. Or browse the service menu for clues.

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