Newsletter #13 with all 28 projects

Believe it or not, C-LinQ is developing even beyond its dreamed dimensions. This September newsletter takes you on a journey through all seven corners of the organisation. And it’s quite a cozy gathering, but we can still cope. More than 30 years of planning experience, always with a high output, comes in handy now.

Just a few new features you can read about: fundraising schemes in the Netherlands, Italy and Austria that have just started, a workshop announcement for November in Salzburg and three creative writing projects: an article in Spanish, a book in Dutch and a music blog.

And the editorial talks about a world of solidary training and coaching with little money. For people and NGO’s with little money.

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PS and guess what: today an idea for the 29th project was conceived. Tomorrow will be an exciting day, as this project involves a workshop in Edinburgh next year.

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