Newsletter #14 – January 2015

This newsletter is bursting apart at the seams again:

– updates on all projects in the field of Translations, Fundraising for projects on the cusp of culture and social inclusion, Writing, Capacity Building, Education, Theatre of the Oppressed Jokering and Training.

– an urgent call from Theatre for Dialogue, the Ukrainian Theatre of the Oppressed network, to help them get started and translate Augusto Boal’s book – you can be part of this from $5 and there’s a link to a video

– a summary of the results of a Theatre of the Oppressed project with homeless people and people with addictions in the Netherlands, proving that culture can in fact be a better investment in employability that anything else

– a preface in which I browse the books I am currently reading, connecting them to the projects I am doing and to the urgent questions of today

Keep making the connection in 2015, wherever you are!

You can read the newsletter here.

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