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We believe in power of theatre.

Theatre can humanize the  human society. It is a basic need.

 Jana Sanskriti Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed (JS) along with its extended global Theatre of the Oppressed family is stepping into a new initiative – Jana Sanskriti International Research and Resource Institute (JSIRRI).

JS has practiced TO techniques primarily with agricultural communities in rural India which has equipped these communities to come together and fight oppression. These communities have constructed successful relationships among themselves by overcoming caste, religion and party political division. JS has understood that people living in the margin need to be included in the world of thoughts and ideas.

Only theatre and other art forms can offer this intellectual space where everyone can grow and evolve as a thinker and be an active participant towards constructing human society. JS, from its practice, has observed that tremendous social philosophy is embedded in the marginalised communities, even among those who cannot read and write. Such accumulated practical knowledge of 30 yrs along with existing theories has led to experiential learning.

JSIRRI proposes to build “Connections” between the global north and south. Not just networks or platforms or knowledge sharing which might be temporary, but to build permanent connections. It proposes to establish a dialogue for upholding the culture of dialogue in the community through all art forms. JS, with the experience of acting as a space for connection for practitioners across the world, believes that JSIRRI will take these global connections with artists and change makers to the next level. How? Stay tuned for more updates.

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