JSIRRI proposes to build “Connections” among all artists, especially the international theatre community engaged in the construction of a humane society……not just networks or platforms or knowledge sharing which might be temporary, but to build permanent connections…JSIRRI proposes to establish a dialogue for upholding the culture of dialogue in the community through all art forms

What are these connections?

How will this dialogue operate?

Many other questions follow from this –

What does JSIRRI want to do?

What examples of these activities are already planned?

How will the plans and JSIRRI be funded?

Who will decide the kinds of things to take place?

Dear friends – first of all, JSIRRI is everyone’s operation. Her shape will evolve based on what each of you contributes. One of the fundamental principles is that ‘connections’ and ‘dialogue’ have to be part of the way JSIRRI makes decisions.

Secondly, JSIRRI aims to be a space for critical interaction among artists and activists. A real or virtual circle where they can rehearse collectively, share and develop their practice, ideas and methods; a platform where they can initiate and encourage projects which bring together people from different kinds of practice, different disciplines; a stage on which to explore and create work, to intervene and explore solutions for the burning questions of today.

JSIRRI begins her journey from the Jana Sanskriti Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed at Girish Bhavan, named after the theatre legend of 19th century Bengal. This facility is equipped to provide food, accommodation and other necessary facilities at a very reasonable cost. The Augusto Boal Auditorium dedicated to workshops and performances will be inaugurated very soon.

All present activities will be carried out via individual/collective fund-raising. For the future we seek permanent economic stability. The aim is for JSIRRI to create her own physical and imaginary body as she grows. The aim is not to accumulate funds but to stimulate artistic activity for lasting, meaningful social change and to unite the forces of those who share a similar vision.

A team of directors and advisors have come together not so long ago to contribute to this; they are people who have valuable experience and expertise in making theatre for change. Nevertheless, everyone is invited to propose ideas and activities and “be” JSIRRI. There are a variety of channels which JSIRRI has set up to enable everyone inventing our future now! With these postings, we invite you to share this invitation and enable many others to participate!

Check this posting in other languages (we are working on: Arabic, Armenian, Catalan, French, Kisuaheli, Kurdish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian)   on https://voiceofjsirri.wordpress.com/  and forward the links to your network!!

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