About C-LinQ

Owner: Ronald Matthijssen

Born in The Hague (1961). Co-founder of the Dutch Green Party youth organisation in 1979. Studied political science in Amsterdam, (migrant) youth social work in Maastricht, (forensic) psychology in Bremen and teaching social studies/sciences in Leiden.

Started off as a community worker in Amsterdam in the early 1980s, continued as a youth outreach worker in Rotterdam, Amersfoort and Bremen from 1984-1996, as a debt counselor for offenders in Bremen from 1994-2000 and as a joker, project manager and fundraiser for Formaat, Workplace for Participatory Drama in Rotterdam from 1999-2011. Main experiences there in Theatre of the Oppressed projects with youth, community projects, work in prisons, in the world of amateur sports and international projects. Many reports and publications since 1985 in Dutch, English, German, Spanish and (translated) also in Romanian, Serbian and Slovenian. In-company translator since 2000, freelancer since 2010. Moderator of an international website from 2004-2011. Capacity builder of NGO’s on the cusp of arts and social inclusion since 2010. Teacher in secondary and higher education since 2012. Active contact network in more than 40 countries around the globe.

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