Past and Present Work

Badu/Kolkata (India): 5-day workshop “Media Theater” during the Theatre of the Oppressed festival Muktadhara VIII. Status: completed(Dec 8-12, 2018)

Åland (Finland): Participation at the Theatre of the Oppressed/JSIRRI mini-conference. Status: completed (Aug 4-5, 2018)

Bilbao (Sp): 3-day training + supervision Theatre of the Oppressed.  Status: voltooid (May 9-13, 2018)

Dnipro (Ukr): Workshop “Rainbow of Desire/Blagg – therapeutic theater options”. Status: completed (Feb 24, 2018)

Vienna: Management and fundraising of the street dance/performance group Klause. Status: in progress (since November 2017)

Leiderdorp: Updating/rewriting the programs “Social Pedagogic Work Field and Practice”, “Social Support Skills” and “Digital Skills” of the LOI University of Applied Science Social Work course. Status: completed (October 2017 – February 2018)

Vienna (Austria): Workshop “If every resident feels victimized” with Image and Forum Theatre for WienXtra (outreach youth work) staff.  Status: completed (July 5, 2017)

Vienna (Austria): Ethical Dilemma Theatre Method training part II, organized by YCC. Status: completed (May 13, 2017)

Istanbul (T): Training/workshop Media Theater, organized by Yesil Gazete. Status: completed (May 6/7, 2017)

Leiderdorp (NL): Updating all (40+) study and exam plans of the LOI University of Applied Science Social Work course. Status: Completed (April-July 2017)

Vienna (Austria): Workshop Media Theater. Status: completed (April 21-23, 2017)

Leiderdorp (NL): Development and writing of the study and exam plan and the program text (including video lecture) of the Internationalization program of the LOI University of Applied Science Social Work course.  Status: completed (Jan-Sep 2017)

Vienna (Austria): Ethical Dilemma Theatre Method training part I, organized by YCC. Status: completed (January 14, 2017)

Wenen (Austria): Workshop violence prevention with Image and Forum Theatre with the kids of the outreach work project of Bassena Stuwerviertel. Status: completed (December 6, 2016)

Neulengbach (Austria): Workshops with Afghan refugees on domestic violence and child-raising support. Organized by Diakonie Vluchtelingenwerk. Status: completed (December 2 & 16, 2016)

Halle/Saale (Germany): Training/workshop Mediatheater. Organized by Aktionstheater Halle. Status: completed (November 11-13, 2016).

Vienna (Austria): Monthy Theater of the Oppressed laboratory with TdU Wien (sept 2016-jan 2017). Status: completed.

Vienna (Austria): Strategy and organization workshop with Image Theatre as part of the action week “The value of Being Different” van Artkolé. Status: completed (July 12, 2016)

Vienna (Austria): Joker training for the jokers of TdU Wien. Status: completed (June 26, 2016)

Hamburg (D)/Hengelo (OV): Two new major translation clients: en SDL (the fifth translation agency worldwide). Status: in progress (since March 2016).

Leiderdorp: Development of the programs “Special skills for the General Social Worker”, “Applied research and reporting” and “Effective interventions for the General Social Worker” for the LOI University of Applied Science Social Work course. Status: completed (Jan-June 2016).

Apeldoorn (NL): Coaching and fundraising for the Levenskunst charity, a new self-organized charity of and for people with addiction problems working with Theatre of the Oppressed. Status: in progress (since December 2015).

Badu/Kolkata (IND): Participation at the foundting conference of  JSIRRI, the Jana Sanskriti International Research and Resource Institute (November 2015).

Dnipropetrowsk (UKR): Debate, dialogue and conflict resolution workshops for the NGO NewVision. Status: completed (October 2015)

Altlengbach (AT): Workshop Moral Dilemma Theatre Method/Theatre of the Oppressed about school violence/bullying for students of the Social-pedagogical school support team course of the University of Applied Science of the province of Lower Austria. Status: completed (September 2015).

Badu/Kolkata (IND): Volunteer “Social Media and Translation” of the Jana Sanskriti International Research and Resource Institute (JSIRRI) support team. Status: in progress (since June 2015)

Barrington RI: Several translations of legal agreements GER-ENG and DUT-ENG for real estate firms. Status: completed (August – October 2015)

Apeldoorn: Writing the new policy document of the World Solar Fund. Status: completed (February – April 2015)

Leiderdorp: Writing of the following modules of the Social Work course of the LOI University of Applied Sciences: 1) Community-based work 2) Social Enterpreneurship 3) Philosophy and Quality of Life 4) Practice Integration Program “Methodical Work and Art-Based Skills”. Status: completed (June – December 2015)

Leiderdorp: Development of the study plan of the following modules of the Social Work course of the LOI University of Applied Sciences: 1) Community-based work 2) Social Enterpreneurship 3) Applied Research 4) Philosophy and Quality of Life 5) Effective Interventions 6) Specialist Skills; Status: completed (February – May 2015)

Mönchengladbach (D): Translation of a German government publication about water management GER-DUT for Orbis Fachübersetzungen. Status: completed (februari 2015)

Den Haag/La Paz (BOL): Writing of the article about “Learning Plays” for a Theatre of the Oppressed publication due to appear in Boliva. Status: completed (May 2015)

Manila (Philippines): Regular translations of legal and business documents GER-ENG for Elite Translations Philippines. Status: in progress (since January 2015).

Duiven (NL): Steady translator DUT-ENG and DUT-GER for the publicity of the Synerlogic-concern. Status: in progress (since December 2014)

Den Haag: Workshop Image Theatre for the sustainable development NGO “Den Haag in Transition”. Status: completed (november 2014)

Salzburg (Aus): Workshop “Intercultural Learning” using Participatory Drama, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Status: completed (november 2014)

Piešťany (Slk): Translation ENG-DUT of several manuals of industrial cutting machines for EWE-International. Status: completed (Oct-Nov 2014 and June 2015, 110.000 words)

London (UK)/Beirut (Lib): Consultancy towards the development of a supporting empowerment program for bursary students of EduNations. Status: completed (August 2014)

Puerto Madryn (Arg): Support of the fundrasing for the Magdalenas- Theatre of the Oppressed women’s network – festival that will take place in September 2015. Status: completed (July-Sept. 2014)

Utrecht/Amersfoort (NL): Project development in collaboration with FuseWorks, arts on location. Status: in progress (since July 2014)

The Hague: Translation of the book “Ouderschap vanuit je hart” byLida van Ruijven-Bank DUT-GER. Status: completed (July 2014 – June 2015)

Gelderland (NL): Sales management and support of author/healer/storyteller Joy Ligteringen. Status: completed (June – October 2014)

Wijgmaal (Bel): Introduction “Participatory Drama in Prison” as part of the team building day of  De Rode Antraciet. Status: completed (June 2014)

Utrecht: Collaboration/organisation development PLEK, centre for participatory action research. Status: completed (May 2014 – June 2015)

Wenen (Austria): 6th annual Joker training as part of the training program Theater nach Augusto Boal. Status: completed (May 2014)

Tallinn (Est): Joker coaching MTÜ Foorumteater. Status: completed (April 2014)

Kyiv (Ukr): 3-Day solidarity workshop on strategy & organisation for members of Theatre for Dialogue, Theatre of the Oppressed. Status: completed (March 2014)

Belgrado: Fundraising for Agenda Center for Family Support for education projects in the Roma community in Serbia status: in progress (since March 2014)

Antwerp (B): Solidarity workshop “Legislatieve Theatre” in collaboration with De Rode Antraciet raising funds for the From Law-Breaking to Lawmaking project in Serbia. Status: completed (februari 2014)

Leiderdorp (NL): Development and writing curriculum “Intercultural Communication” for the Social Work Academy of the LOI Distance Learning University of Applied Science. Status: in progress (August 2013 to December 2014)

Rome: Translation “track record” page of the website ITA – ENG. Status: in progress (augustus 2013)

The Hague (NL): Concept development interactive tourism. C-LinQ project. Status: market research (from June 2013)

Eisenstadt (Austria): Image Theatre Workshop at Conference about inclusion in high school education. Status: completed (July 2013)

Leiden (NL): Moderdation community conference and organisation development of  Meet & Greet 071 in the district of  Groenoord-Zuid. Status: completed (May – July 2013)

Utrecht: Fundraising and sustainability strategy for several projects of  NewDutchConnections, for the benefit of interncultural dialogue and the inclusion of newcomers, mainly refugees. Status: completed (May  2013 – February 2014)

Vienna: Training weekend “Jokering” within the “Theater according to Augusto Boal” course program. Contract partner:  People’s University Meidling (May 2012). Status: completed

Springbok: Financing activities of the Namaqualand Diamond Fund Trust for the rural populaton of the North Western Cape Province. Status: completed

Belgrade: Advising en financing extension of activities of ApsArt. Status: in progress

Apeldoorn: Financing Theatre Studio by homeless people (september 2012). Contract partners: Theaterwerkplaats de Smederij en Omnizorg Apeldoorn. Status: completed (Sept 2012-October 2014)

Rotterdam: Financing Participatory Drama projects, writing long-term plans. Contract partner: Formaat. Status: completed

Vienna: Single-day workshops Image Theatre (January and March 2012). Status: completed

Ljubljana (Slovenia): 2-day workshop about working with prisoners (January 2012). Status: completed

Koper (Slovenia): 2-day workshop with prisoners (January 2012). Status: finished

Rome: Image Theatre workshop (October 2011). Status: completed

Rotterdam: Translation of the book “Off the Street” by Frank van Strijen of Jeugd enzo. for the German speaking market (2011-2012). Status: publication launched in september 2012

Jenin: Fundraising Community Outreach Project of The Freedom Theatre (2011-2012). Status: completed

Region Cologne-Bonn: Project development and financing of activities enhancing integration of migrants (2011-2012). Partner: Inszene. Status: finished

Rome: Project development and financing gender projects (2011). Partner: Pangea. Status: preparation stage

Beerta/Finsterwolde (NL): Development environment plan “Housing with Chances” (2010-2011). Contract partner: NEON/Schienvat. Status: finished

Ljubljana: Capacity building youth organisations (2011). Contract partner: Ekvilib Institut. Status: completed

Finsterwolde (NL): Community dialogue young & adult (2010). Contract partner: NEON/Schienvat. Status: completed

Tilburg (NL): Capacity building youth organisation (2010). Contract partner: Combeat. Status: completed

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