Past and Present Work

Dnipropetrowsk (UKR): Debate, dialogue and conflict resolution workshops for the NGO NewVision. Status: planned (October 2015)

Altlengbach (AT): Workshop Moral Dilemma Theatre Method/Theatre of the Oppressed about school violence/bullying for students of the Social-pedagogical school support team course of the University of Applied Science of the province of Lower Austria. Status: completed (September 2015).

Badu/Kolkata (IND): Volunteer “Social Media and Translation” of the Jana Sanskriti International Research and Resource Institute (JSIRRI) support team. Status: loopt (vanaf juni 2015)

Barrington RI: Several translations of legal agreements GER-ENG and DUT-ENG for real estate firms. Status: completed (August – October 2015)

Apeldoorn: Writing the new policy document of the World Solar Fund. Status: completed (February – April 2015)

Leiderdorp: Writing of the following modules of the Social Work course of the LOI University of Applied Sciences: 1) Community-based work 2) Social Enterpreneurship 3) Philosophy and Quality of Life 4) Practice Integration Program “Methodical Work and Art-Based Skills”. Status: in progress (June – December 2015)

Leiderdorp: Development of the study plan of the following modules of the Social Work course of the LOI University of Applied Sciences: 1) Community-based work 2) Social Enterpreneurship 3) Applied Research 4) Philosophy and Quality of Life 5) Effective Interventions 6) Specialist Skills; Status: completed (February – May 2015)

Mönchengladbach (D): Translation of a German government publication about water management GER-DUT for Orbis Fachübersetzungen. Status: completed (februari 2015)

Den Haag/La Paz (BOL): Writing of the article about “Learning Plays” for a Theatre of the Oppressed publication due to appear in Boliva. Status: completed (May 2015)

Manila (Philippines): Regular translations of legal and business documents GER-ENG for Elite Translations Philippines. Status: in progress (since January 2015).

Duiven (NL): Steady translator DUT-ENG and DUT-GER for the publicity of the Synerlogic-concern. Status: in progress (since December 2014)

Den Haag: Workshop Image Theatre for the sustainable development NGO “Den Haag in Transition”. Status: completed (november 2014)

Salzburg (Aus): Workshop “Intercultural Learning” using Participatory Drama, University of Applied Sciences Salzburg. Status: completed (november 2014)

Piešťany (Slk): Translation ENG-DUT of several manuals of industrial cutting machines for EWE-International. Status: completed (Oct-Nov 2014 and June 2015, 110.000 words)

Ghent (Bel): Organisation development of the Theatre of the Oppressed organisation LABO vzw. Status: preparatory (August 2014)

London (UK)/Beirut (Lib): Consultancy towards the development of a supporting empowerment program for bursary students of EduNations. Status: in progress (since August 2014)

Puerto Madryn (Arg): Support of the fundrasing for the Magdalenas- Theatre of the Oppressed women’s network – festival that will take place in September 2015. Status: completed (July-Sept. 2014)

Utrecht/Amersfoort (NL): Project development in collaboration with FuseWorks, arts on location. Status: in progress (since July 2014)

The Hague: Translation of the book “Ouderschap vanuit je hart” byLida van Ruijven-Bank DUT-GER. Status: completed (July 2014 – June 2015)

Gelderland (NL): Sales management and support of author/healer/storyteller Joy Ligteringen. Status: completed (June – October 2014)

Timişoara (Rom): Legal and business translations for BTA. Status: continuous (since June 2014)

Wijgmaal (Bel): Introduction “Participatory Drama in Prison” as part of the team building day of  De Rode Antraciet. Status: completed (June 2014)

Utrecht: Collaboration/organisation development PLEK, centre for participatory action research. Status: in progress (since May 2014)

Wenen (Oos): 6th annual Joker training as part of the training program Theater nach Augusto Boal. Status: completed (May 2014)

Tallinn (Est): Joker coaching MTÜ Foorumteater. Status: completed (April 2014)

Kyiv (Ukr): 3-Day solidarity workshop on strategy & organisation for members of Theatre for Dialogue, Theatre of the Oppressed. Status: completed (March 2014)

Belgrado: Fundraising for Agenda Center for Family Support for education projects in the Roma community in Serbia status: in progress (since March 2014)

Antwerp (B): Solidarity workshop “Legislatieve Theatre” in collaboration with De Rode Antraciet raising funds for the From Law-Breaking to Lawmaking project in Serbia. Status: completed (februari 2014)

Vienna: Organization development training for professional coaches. Status: completed  (januari 2014)

Calcinato (Ita): Technical and legal translation projects for TranSarah Traduzioni. Status: continuous (since January 2014)

Leiderdorp (NL): Development and writing curriculum “Intercultural Communication” for the Social Work Academy of the LOI Distance Learning University of Applied Science. Status: in progress (August 2013 to December 2014)

Rome: Translation “track record” page of the website ITA – ENG. Status: in progress (augustus 2013)

The Hague (NL): Concept development interactive tourism. C-LinQ project. Status: market research (from June 2013)

Eisenstadt (Austria): Image Theatre Workshop at Conference about inclusion in high school education. Status: completed (July 2013)

Leiden (NL): Moderdation community conference and organisation development of  Meet & Greet 071 in the district of  Groenoord-Zuid. Status: completed (May – July 2013)

Utrecht: Fundraising and sustainability strategy for several projects of  NewDutchConnections, for the benefit of interncultural dialogue and the inclusion of newcomers, mainly refugees. Status: completed (May  2013 – February 2014)

Vienna: Training weekend “Jokering” within the “Theater according to Augusto Boal” course program. Contract partner:  People’s University Meidling (May 2012). Status: completed

Springbok: Financing activities of the Namaqualand Diamond Fund Trust for the rural populaton of the North Western Cape Province. Status: completed

Belgrade: Advising en financing extension of activities of ApsArt. Status: in progress

Apeldoorn: Financing Theatre Studio by homeless people (september 2012). Contract partners: Theaterwerkplaats de Smederij en Omnizorg Apeldoorn. Status: in progress

Rotterdam: Financing Participatory Drama projects, writing long-term plans. Contract partner: Formaat. Status: completed

Vienna: Single-day workshops Image Theatre (January and March 2012). Status: finished

Ljubljana: 2-day workshop about working with prisoners (January 2012). Status: finished

Koper (Slovenia): 2-day workshop with prisoners (January 2012). Status: finished

Rome: Image Theatre workshop (October 2011). Status: finished

Rotterdam: Translation of the book “Off the Street” by Frank van Strijen of Jeugd enzo. for the German speaking market (2011-2012). Status: publication launched in september 2012

Jenin: Fundraising Community Outreach Project of The Freedom Theatre (2011-2012). Status: finished

Region Cologne-Bonn: Project development and financing of activities enhancing integration of migrants (2011-2012). Partner: Inszene. Status: finished

Rome: Project development and financing gender projects (2011). Partner: Pangea. Status: preparation stage

Beerta/Finsterwolde (NL): Development environment plan “Housing with Chances” (2010-2011). Contract partner: NEON/Schienvat. Status: finished

Ljubljana: Capacity building youth organisations (2011). Contract partner: Ekvilib Institut. Status: finished

Finsterwolde (NL): Community dialogue young & adult (2010). Contract partner: NEON/Schienvat. Status: finished

Tilburg (NL): Capacity building youth organisation (2010). Contract partner: Combeat. Status: finished

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