JSIRRI Translation Project – Dialogue Democracy

The Jana Sanskriti International Research and Resource Institute (JSIRRI) is looking for translators. We want to facilitate the dialogue among cultural change makers worldwide. Any information, point of view, analysis, idea and proposal should be able to travel back and forth without language barriers. This can only be done if translators build channels.

Between August and November 2015 a basic translation network will be set up to translate the JSIRRI news bulletins. During a meeting at the inauguration event at the JSIRRI in India in November, a call for translations will be phrased. The idea is to create a database of abstracts (about 150 words) of all relevant Theatre of the Oppressed and related documents available worldwide. The abstracts will be at least in 10 languages: English, Arabic, Portuguese, Bangla, French, Kisuaheli, Spanish, Hindi, Russian and Italian, but other languages are very welcome too.

You can register as a translator for JSIRRI bulletins and for the larger project now. Send an e-mail to Ronald Matthijssen (ronald@c-linq.nl) and Pratyusha Ganguly (pratyusha@jsirri.org) and tell us to what language you could translate and how many news bulletins/abstracts you could translate every month. Please also mention your name, phone number and (if applicable) your Theatre of the Oppressed experience. Every translator will be given the original English text to work with.

We look forward to receiving your registrations!

Ronald Matthijssen

Pratyusha Ghosh

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